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Plant Care: *Protect Spray

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We The Wild: *Protect Spray with Neem Oil

For lush , shiny & well protected leaves this 250ml spray will shine plants and protect them from the main issues that make them struggle. This multi purpose spray is scientifically tested to fight stress and build stronger, shiner leaves. Each organic brew contains complex microbes and botanical oils that amplify the benefits of Neem and work at a cellular level for greater protection and remedy.

Directions: shake well, use every 2 weeks or as desired.

1. Remove plant from direct sunlight

2. Spray both sides of the leaves

3. Allow plant to dry in well ventilated area, or wipe with *We The Wild Leaf Cleaning Gloves

4. Repeat fortnightly it every 3-4 days for active issues.

Combine with *Grow & *Support formulas for total plant care in 3 simple steps.