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Plant Care: *Support 250g

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We The Wild: *Support is a slow release plant food for strong roots - made by worms not machines.

We The Wild capture the biodiversity of the forest floor to safely invigorate struggling houseplants. These odourfree pellets spring to life once watered, slowly transforming soil into a nutrient dense plant powerhouse teaming with beneficial microbes.

Step 1: scatter pellets evenly ontop of the soil (1 tbsp for small plants and 2 for large plants.

Step 2: using a small trowel or spoon loosely dig the pellets into the topsoil 

Step 3: thoroughly water your plant, ideally using *Grow concentrate to bring the beneficial microbes and nutrients to the plants roots.

Step 4: watch over 2 months as the pellets slowly break down to convert your soil into a biodiverse and nutrient rich environment